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  • The Nock & Son Company

    Est. 1948

    Founded in 1948, The Nock & Son Company is a family owned, privately-held company which has always and only been engaged in the refractory specialties business. Its customer base consists primarily of integrated steel producers, electric furnace mini mills, foundries and alloy plants.


    The company attributes its longevity to several factors, including:

    • A commitment to produce consistent, quality products
    • Exclusive reliance on the purest raw materials available
    • Development of improved process methods for its customers
    • The most capable and experienced plant employees in the industry.


    Nock & Son is currently operated by the third and fourth generations of Nocks in the refractories business. A predecessor company, Nock Fire Brick, was founded in 1912 by Charles H. Nock, the great grandfather of current president Steve Nock. For most of the past 60+ years, The Nock & Son Company was managed by Steve's dad, Charles J. Nock, who is still active and integral in his seventh decade at the company.

  • Products

    Nock & Son manufactures a full line of alumina ramming mixes, castables, plastics and gunning mixes under the following brand names:

    • CJN
    • NOCK
    • NOXGUN
    • NOXITE
    • NOXRAM
    • NOXTAB
  • Contact Information


    4138 Monroe Hollow Road
    Oak Hill, OH 45656

    740-682-7741 phone

    740-682-6126 fax


    27320 West Oviatt Road

    Bay Village, OH 44140



    Stephen J. Nock, President

    Charles J. Nock, Chairman


    Tom Nock, Inside Sales

    Mike Nock, Controller

    440-871-5525 mike@nockandson.com

    William Edwards,

    Plant Operations Manager

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